Gif file size bug

I use shotcut to make GIF’s and after I got the newest update I Made a quick little GIF that has very minimum in it. after I exported it however, the file size was 23.1 mb. Usually it’s around 6 mb or so. After I went and turned the quality down to 10% , and made it go fast on both deinterlacer and interpolation the file size went to 23.3 mb. Lowering the quality made the thing increase it’s size.

here is a list of what the thing has
Top layer: Solid image with Filter: size and position
Bottom layer: Gif animation turned to mkv for editing. with filter: Text

that’s all there is in it.

This is not a bug. The GIF format does not respond to quality level or bitrate settings due to the technical nature of how it operates. The amount of compression and size results depend heavily on obvious factors like resolution and frame rate but also the image complexity/detail. The more variety of detail, the less compression there will be. Reducing the quality of interpolation probably introduce a little more noise in the images that resulted in less compression. Also, if you are going to compare versions, you need to run the test with the same inputs, duration, and settings.

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