Get back to the start of my project quickly

I would like a button or menu selection to go back to the beginning of the timeline. I get deep into an editing sequence with multiple tracks and lots of video splits and markers, and trying to get back to the start of the video is not entirely easy! I click and click on the “rewind” button, for example, or I try scrolling backward through my markers. I wish I knew how to do this more smoothly. Once recently, I actually closed the project and re-opened it to get back to the start rather than hammering on the “rewind” button over and over!

I love Shotcut, by the way. If I’ve missed some trick about this, well, do let me know.

Have you tried pressing the Home button?

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Also, in the new Player menu in the main menu bar.

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Oh. I was this days old when I learned what the ‘Home’ key does! Sorry for flouting my ignorance. If it’s better for the site, I can delete my thread.