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I am a new user of shotcut (20.11.28). Install went like a breeze with the official Gentoo ebuild.

But I am missing (several ?) filters (« Size, Position & Rotate » at least). The filter is present on the system :

$ head /usr/share/shotcut/qml/filters/size_position/meta_affine.qml
import QtQuick 2.0
import org.shotcut.qml 1.0

Metadata {
    type: Metadata.Filter
    objectName: 'affineSizePosition'
    name: qsTr('Size, Position & Rotate')
    mlt_service: 'affine'
    qml: 'ui_affine.qml'
    vui: 'vui_affine.qml'
    gpuAlt: 'movit.rect'
    isFavorite: true

It is read by shotcut when starting, with no obvious (to me, as a noob in the matter) errors :

[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "sharpen" "meta_frei0r.qml"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Sharpen"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "sharpen" "meta_movit.qml"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "size_position" "meta_affine.qml"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "size_position" "meta_movit.qml"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "sketch" "meta.qml"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> reading filter metadata "smartblur" "meta.qml"
[Debug  ] <FilterController::loadFilterMetadata> added filter "Reduce Noise: Smart Blur"

But it is not shown in the filter list, whatever I do.

If I use the pre-compiled executables from the shotcut website, either through the AppImage file or the txz archive, this filter (and several others) are indeed shown and working properly.

Any idea about what could be missing/wrong on my system to prevent the filter from showing ?


Are you sure you are looking at the VIDEO filters, not the FAVOURITES. See below.

Hello Elusien,
Yes, I’m using the Video tab (and you have filters I do not see either, but this may be specific to your configuration).


There is one more point to add, after quickly comparing the log files from Gentoo shotcut and from Shotcut’s txz archive. The missing filters are « read » (as shown in my first post), but not added to the filter list.

To be clearer : in my first post, the debug data shows that only the « Sharpen » and « Reduce Noise : Smart Blur » are added to some list. Not the size_position nor sketch.

Whereas when looking at the same debug data from the txz archive, all filters are properly added to some list (presumably the filter list).

Sorry that didn’t help. We have had similar queries before where this was the problem. I’m afraid I am not able to suggest anything else, as I run Shotcut on Windows 10. Perhaps Dan can suggest how to fix the problem.

Your MLT build is missing its plus module. There are 2 parts of a filter: the MLT service and the QML UI. Shotcut only provides the UI, which you have.

I was investigating in this direction. The shotcut ebuild does not require mlt to be compiled with fftw useflag (which, as an aside, configures the plus module into mlt).

So problem closed, I’m opening a bug report Gentoo-side.

Thanks folks, and a happy new year to all.

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