Generating txt file for Youtube Timestamps

Hi, I’m making some Youtube music video. I have a folder that contains mp3 files in it and I can extract the file name with txt file easily. But I have no idea how to extract the timestamps. So, I’ve been checked the timeline and typed on Youtube manually, and it’s really time-consuming job.
Is there a way to do easier?
Thanks in advance.

You could obtain the information from the project (.mlt) file - it is only a text file after all. Though unless you were to create (complex) program to do this it will probably be quicker just skipping though the Shotcut player and noting the start times as you appear to be doing already.

There is a feature in Shotcut called Export > Markers as Chapters


If you add a marker on the timeline at the start of each song, and then perform Export > Markers as Chapters you will obtain a TXT file containing those timestamps you need. If you give a name (i.e. the song name) to each markers the exported list will also include the songs names.


Yup, and you can use Alt+Left/Right Arrow to quickly jump from one cut to the next. This will allow you to position the playhead precisely on the song start, then hit the ‘M’ key to drop a marker. Hit ‘M’ a second time to bring up the marker properties box and change the description to your song title. Then export markers as described by @MusicalBox.

More info on markers:

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Hi, MusicalBox, my time-saver.
I’m impressed that Shotcut also provides this function. Is there a way to mark for each clips at once? If you have 100 clips, you should do it 100 times.
Naming each clips also time-consuming if you have lots of clips. Thus, I’m trying to make it with Python. I guess it can solve this issue.
Thank you so much!

If you are writing a Python program to process the file and you are going to use it on quite a few projects then I personally would process the MLT project file instead. That way you cut out the need to create 100 or more markers.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, I wrote a javascript + jQuery program to process the MLT file some years ago. You can find it here: Resources for Shotcut.

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