FULL ALL-Tracks Export then Import of EDL

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I see ‘Export EDL’ in the pull-downs, however, I don’t seem able to export all the tracks into one Edit Decision List, which I can then Import into another Edit Decision List:

<< Am I off my rocker or is there a way to do this? If so, I’d appreciate the steps, as importing exported video clips just causes degradation in quality. >>

Thank you all for your time and assistance.

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EDL is very limited by its specification, and Shotcut’s support for it is even more limited as you experienced. However, do not confuse this with Shotcut’s ability to save a complete project and restore it. For that you simply use Save and Open, and it uses its own XML format that we do not call EDL to avoid confusion. The term “EDL” causes confusion because some people use it in a generic way to refer to a video project file of which there may be many different formats. However, there is a more specific definition of EDL that is decades old from a machine called CMX3600 later formalized by SMPTE 258M.

Edit decision list - Wikipedia

See also File > Open MLT XML as Clip in the menu

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