Free file to be deleted when left playlist


Today I add a video/photo use on track and export …

I remove it from playlist and I want to delete it from my computer … and it is blocked

I need to close shot cut to be able to remove the file …

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In my experience, Shotcut does not “block” files from being deleted.

You may not have user permissions to delete files from the computer/drive/directory you’re using. This is not Shotcut related.

On Windows, the file will be locked while in use. Shotcut does try to release files (unlock) when they are no longer needed, but sometimes it hangs on to it for too long. It could still be trying to build an audio waveform, for example (or that still could be queued). In other cases, it is due to deficiencies in the code.

Ah… it does hold onto video, I only tested it with an image. But other applications holds onto files as well. I always thought it was a Windows thing as it’s being used. Once the program is closed then I can move/delete files.

thanks for reply