Frame rate is 120 (variable) but spinner only counts 0..29

I recorded one video at 720 resolution w/120 fps. I recorded another one at 1080 with 60 fps.
When I load them in Shotcut it asks to convert them for editing since they are variable frame rate.
Regardless of which original video, and whether they are converted or not, when I step through it with right and left arrow key, the frame counter only goes 0…29 per second.
In Shotcut Properties tab, the scan mode is Progressive and it says the frame rate is 120.201 (variable) (or 60 in the other video).
Why can’t I step frame-by-frame through 120 frames in 1 second?

Because of Settings > Video Mode. You will only see the frame count respect the video file’s frame rate if the project is empty (nothing was ever added to Playlist or Timeline in this session), the video mode is automatic (or matches the clip’s frame rate), and the clip is in the Source player.

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Thank you! That solves my problem.

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