Forward slash can not be used in filter preset name

Shotcut 19.10.20, Windows 10 64 bit
Qt 5.9.7

Steps to reproduce:

  • start Shotcut
  • open a video file
  • add a filter (eg. Lens Correction)
  • change any of the parameters
  • click on + (save preset)
  • use “/” forward slash in name
  • preset doesn’t get saved, no error messages appear

Just updated from 19.08.x, same bug existed there.

This is not a bug in Shotcut.

Presets are saved in files with the same name as the preset. Certain characters are not allowed in file names by the operating system:

The following are special characters which cannot be assigned to a directory or file in Windows 10 :

  • < (less than)
  • > (greater than)
  • : (colon)
  • (double quote)
  • / (forward slash)
  • \ (backslash)
  • | (vertical bar or pipe)
  • ? (question mark)
  • * (asterisk)

Forward slash (/) is also prohibited in Linux .

Thank you for your response.

I understand, I thought this was related to that (didn’t actually know if presets are saved as files).

But this should be told to the user somehow. For example through an error message after the save or a validation error before one can actually hit the ok button on the save preset dialogue.

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I agree, it shouldn’t silently ignore the problem, however the error is actually written to the logfile which can be seen by clicking on

View > Application log


[Error  ] <QmlFilter::savePreset> Failed to save preset:  "/xxxy" 
[Warning] <> QIODevice::write (QFile, "/xxxy"): device not open
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This is fixed for the next version 19.12 by URL-encoding the given preset name before using it as a file name.

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Cool. Thank you.

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