Font Size in UI is so tiny - HowTo Change UI Fonts?

Is there a way to make the font sizes in the UI larger? (NOT IN A PROJECT BUT THE APP ITSELF)

It is fatiguing to have to quint to see the menus/icons/texts in this app. Would be nice besides picking “dark” or “light” to be able to enlarge the fonts.

Altering the system’s UI font settings have zero effect on this app.

You can run Shotcut executable with the argument --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 2 (or 3 or 4)
Now, it might be too big, but that is all we give you.

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I did not know this command line which seems to me (for my part) very interesting because I totally agree with Tommy_Shutter. Indeed, the screens are getting bigger and the reading of the texts of the interface becomes tiring. So I tried the proposed solution:
shotcut - QT_SCALE_FACTOR 2.exe
but alas, it seems ineffective. Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you

Might it be that one hyphen is missing? In the help page there are two hyphens in front of the command.

Also, there shouldn’t be a space between the 2 hyphens and the Q (–QT).

This works.
shotcut.exe --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 2

“Now, it might be too bug, but that is all we give you.”

Too big? or Also a bug?

“… but that is all we give you …” -

Dearest coder children, you need to think about making a simple change to the software besides “Theme dark” or “Theme light”.

Back in the early days of websites, (circa 2000) I was making dark websites, embracing darker themes that were easier on the eyes. A couple of toxic words were introduced to reinforce plain, boring appearances, “a clean design” and “professional” - both of which are meaningless but really strive towards BORING.

All around me ever since then has been a kind of coding style, in both software design and in websites - where “design fashion” dominates with plain and boring designs, zero color, god forbid you put some color on titles, and make important things STAND OUT where the eye can see them.

Who came up with this bleh design of software? And why do software designers have to go out of their way to have this overall sameness to everything?

Now all of a sudden “dark” is cool. I have been doing dark themes, and noticeable fonts and colors all along, and now suddenly it’s like a new discovery. All the flak I received about dark years ago is now suddenly fashionable.

I’m right on this, and your design team needs to consider the ability to modify the colors of the controls and the overall font sizes WITHIN the app and not some command line GEEK solution which only serves GEEKS not end users who don’t have time to fuck around with command line switches.

Just looking at the replies you have already received where people are trying to do Unix-style command line switches with Windows exes, you’ve already lost the argument.

This is for windows, not universal. EXE (executable) is a Windows nomenclature.

Is there a simple config file one can modify?

The design team consists of 1 person, Dan, and 99.999% of the users are more than happy with the way he has developed Shotcut and has done this for no payment. If you are into design perhaps you should offer your services to make the changes you want rather than expect someone else to do it out of the goodness of their heart.

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–QT_SCALE_FACTOR 2 works for linux as well.

Good heavens @Tommy_Shutter you need to calm down :grin::grinning:. Shotcut looks great!!

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Haha, I meant to say too big. No, it is not a bug. The lack of something (control of text size in this case) is not considered a defect. Besides, there is some control. Most OS have some text size setting, and Shotcut honors this to some degree. For example, a Windows 10 Settings > Display > Scale setting of 125% does work. And 150, 175, 200, & 225% make Shotcut do the equivalent of --QT_SCALE_FACTOR 2. However, you did not specify your OS, and I had to give you generic instructions on how to override in a way independent of the OS settings since you said you already tried that.

As for your other remarks about appearances, I find them amusing and do not completely disagree. However, I am using a UI toolkit in a simple manner to focus on the more important aspects of audio/video handling, functionality, stability, etc. I think most users prefer a rather plain, generic UI over something fancy and custom. In any case, I make it for me for the way I want and share it to you for free - take it or leave it.


it is a fesible way :smiley:, even OS (such as Microsoft Windows) do this to all applications, We never know what screen resolution will be applied by every user, So this setting provides a fesible way to all users, and I found this setting works for floating point number (such as 1.4, 1.5, so, it is a fesible to me)!

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What does the --gpu command line option work for?

I mean, what is the difference if we do not apply this --gpu?

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face: !

That enables gpu effects. It’s experimental and things might break. Use at your own risk.

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Thank you for your help :grinning: !

That is what I was looking for, it works perfectly for me in Ubuntu 18.04.02
Thank you.

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