Font Choice not shown in Export (resolved)

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Shotcut version 20.10.31

I have repeated the problem over 5 times today. Weirdly, today is the FIRST DAY i have had the problem. The feature has not given me problems before.

Text: Simple
FONT CHOICE is not shown in the export of the video. It does display correctly in the preview while in Shotcut.

I have previously had NO PROBLEM HERE - so the sudden appearance of this problem is confusing.
it has only become a problem for me as of TODAY.
Application Log and 1 preview/export screenshot attached.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

(part of) Application Log is below because I am a new user and only allowed to embed one item.

Starting Shotcut version 20.10.31

Windows version 192

////////// CUT TO FIT ALLOWED POST SIZE /////////////////////

[Warning] iconv failed to convert “_xml_lcnumeric_in” from code page 65001 to UTF-8

[Info ]“Saved C:/Users/RRstar/Videos/VIDEO PROJECTS/snow yell teaser.mlt”

Que Shotcut change la police, peut-être ???
Par contre qu’il modifie la frappe, c’est bizarre.
Sur la capture Shotcut “PATREON”
Sur la capture d’export “PATERON”

Maybe Shotcut changes the font ???.
On the other hand that it changes the keystroke, it’s weird.
On the Shotcut capture “PATREON”
On the export capture “PATERON”.

It’s your font that’s at fault, which I’m able to duplicate.
I found the font here:

Changing do a different font, no bug with Shotcut.

Another example with a different font. No bug.

@Rstar37 probably has more than one text filter and is looking at the wrong place in the video where there might be a text filter without the font showed in the screenshot.

Thank you kindly. It must be this. Ok. I have a work around. I have made a jpeg with the desired title and can put that in.

Thanks so much for your time.

Yes, my screenshots were from one of the many attempts i had made – and clearly i was getting pissed near the end and had misspelled patreon on the 5th attempt.

i think the problem is the font itself. now i know that now all fonts are supported in shotcut.
great program anyway. :slight_smile:

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