Font changing by itself and text moving when I export

Whenever I export my video, all of my text is in the Roman font and is out of place. How do I keep the font I want and keep the text in the place I want?

Please provide more information:

  • operating system
  • Shotcut version
  • the text filter you are using

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Windows 10
intel core i5-8265U
8gb ram

Shotcut version 20.02.17

the text filter is:
Text: HTML

I’m using the “qtquickcontrols” font and the size 80 point.

It works for me, but that might be because I have the tool Qt Creator installed (for developing Shotcut). But that is a special font that comes from the Shotcut GUI library called Qt. I am surprised to see it in the list. Try a different font. If it is a problem with only this one, I can remove it from the list, which is originally supplied by the OS.

of course i pick the only font that doesn’t work. Thank you.

“qtquickcontrols” is removed from the list for the next version 20.04

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