Font changed to deafault Arial in exported movie


I added a Text: Simple filter with a specific font.
In the exportetd video all fonts are changed to a default Arial.

I experimented and changed one tittle to a another font and exported again.
And all the fonts were as supposed (except the changed one).


Best refgards

WIN 10 // Shotcut version 20.11.25 - 64 bit

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Sorry to hear that. In the below I made a test with 4 text clips using different fonts, exported, view the export result in the Source player, and I did not reproduce it.

Do you know how to reproduce it, or is it only in certain project?


Starnge indeed.

In the mornig I edited the video on the laptop computer attached to a bigger monitor, without exporting.

In the evening at home I opened the same file on the same computer (no ext. monitor).

When I clicked on a tekt simple filter the text changed in size, but the font was the choosed one.

After the export the error happened.

I will play around today to see if happen again. I will write here if happens.

Thanks for thw quick response and best regards.


I figured out the problem.
It was a font related problem I applyed a style which is not present in the font (I applied extra bold, but the style is not available for the specific font). So, Shotcut reverted to a default font.

Best regards.


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