Flickering in and out of being stretched vertically (exported file only)

OS: Windows 10 Pro (Version 10.0.19043)

Tried on newest version 22.01.30 (64x) with the same result

I can’t seem to recreate the problem

Issue: Exported video flickers between full screen and being stretched vertically with black bars on top and bottom. This does not appear in preview and it happens throughout the video. It appears to have something to do with the source file because sometimes it switches positions sometimes at the same time as a cut.

Exported: youtu.be/tgmSJghCFpM
Preview: youtu.be/wgb3lCuugMs
Project: Dropbox - bully maguire princess bride - indigo - Repaire.mlt - Simplify your life

Try turning off Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing. This is one of the dangers of that option and why it defaults to off. We believe we have most of the bugs with this option this resolved, but it is very difficult to make it 100% when things are continually added and changed. Can you share the project file or at least copy the filters involved at this point and paste the XML here?

Also, please do not say “newest version” because I do not want to have to guess based on the date of the post if I need revisit this months from now, and often enough people do not actually realize there is a newer version.

Thanks for the quick reply. Parallel Processing was not checked so I tried exporting with Parallel and its the same.
project file: Dropbox - bully maguire princess bride - indigo - Repaire.mlt - Simplify your life

I updated the report with the version number.

I think if you modify the question in the Bug form from: What is your Shotcut version? to: What is the number of your Shotcut version? it will encourage people to not just say “latest/newest version”.

I think that Shotcut version is very clear, it the one listed in “About Shotcut”, but someone will always
respond “latest version” og “windows version”, no matter how the wording is, even if you add “Ex. YYYY.MM.DD” :grinning:

I don’t know why you want to argue about this. :slightly_smiling_face: I suggested this based on my experience over the years in this forum asking people specifically what “version number” they were using and almost every time they end up responding with the version number. Will it be 100% that they will never stubbornly say ‘latest version’ "? Nothing is 100% certain except death and taxes but that’s why I said that it will "encourage people to not just say ‘latest/newest version’ ”.

Don’t want to argue :grinning:,
just want say the wording is not the problem, some people don’t read the text, it is very human behavior. :grinning: