Fixed playhead position in timeline window

When I make videos, and sometimes do a voice over after I already did all of the edits, and I play the video in the editor, and just record with Audacity for voice. I prefer the timeline to be zoomed in so I can see thumbnails as it gives me a visual clue of what’s coming up next.

Current position when playing as it moves along the timeline.

Desired fixed position when playing on the timeline.

If this is possible currently, I do not know how to achieve this.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I know these are really bad examples as I don’t have any edits showing.

Edit for clarification: This is just a suggestion for an option to set a desired fixed location.

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I understand what you are saying and there is no way to do this currently. Do other tools not move the playhead when playing and only scroll the timeline canvas? I suppose there could be a “Scroll Lock” toggle - as if anyone really knows and understands that key on their keyboard.

I have only used Shotcut for a NLE. Well over a decade ago (closer to 15 years now) I used a deck to edit 1/2" video tape at a local public access TV station.

I did try many years ago to install Windows Movie Maker, but I could never get it to install.

I haven’t used the scroll lock since Windows 3.1, but yes I know where it is and understands how it functions. I want to say I used it with Lotus 1-2-3. Even if the option is buried within a menu option, that would be cool. It’s not a deal breaker, and I’m not sure anyone else would understand.

I have tried to do the note thing by jotting down times with when the next edit comes up… then I lose my spot… or I try to wait a second or two, then I become unfocused and remember exactly where I applied the next cut/transition and forget about waiting two seconds and start commentary, lol.

I think I have solved my issue, sort of.

  • I break out the timeline, extend it into both of my monitors.
  • Then I zoom to see the whole timeline.

This allows me to see the whole timeline while it’s playing with enough room to sense when the next transition will be taking place.

A possible alternative, but not really needed, adding some sort of visual marker on the playback window where clips are.

Sorry for going way off in left field. I’m going to mark this as solved. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. If a user only had one monitor, the way I would want to use Shotcut would be a challenge.

You’d be hard pressed to even find a modern KB with a ScrollLock key.
You’d need to use the OnScreen KB for that :smiley:

That’s probably true with a laptop. My Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical keyboard that I got last year has the Scroll Lock key on it. Maybe on the lower end keyboards, I can see them not having a Scroll Lock key. All of the mechanical keyboards I look at have the Scroll Lock key.

Great, now I’m looking through NewEgg again…

Nice :slight_smile:

Desktops and A-I-Ones too (I see lots of PCs in my day job)

Actually I have higher end Logitech KBs including a L’Tech gaming KB (inherited) - no scroll lock.

Anyway, I’m almost OT… :blush:

This has been added to the next version 19.01.x as the option Center Playhead in the Timeline menu. It does not keep the playhead near the beginning or the end of the timeline and force the beginning of the timeline to move away from its current fixed position, and the playhead is still movable within the first half of the scrolling viewport. It goes to center when automatic scrolling or zooming takes place.

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I came here recently looking for just this feature and have upgraded to the version that supports the centering of the window. I would love if the Scroll Lock feature was implemented to keep the play head where ever you placed it, instead of in the middle. Center is better than no locking, but it would be great if I could turn on the Scroll Lock, and have the app keep the play head wherever I currently have it and scroll everything around it instead of specifically in the center