(fixed)Bug when zooming on timeline


Since the latest update whenever zooming in or out on the timeline any clips in V2 or above (essentially not the base video track) will orient based on how much you zoomed. Photo of displaced clip below. This and several others were locked, but due to having to zoom in because other tracks weren’t locking to one another properly – leaving the smallest of slivers that couldn’t be clicked on – they were all displaced.

In trying to recreate the bug I figured out it was user error.
It had nothing to do with scaling or the project itself, but the timeline zoom (ctr + mouse wheel).

The (excuse my lack of knowledge of terminology) scrobble line would correct the nearest clip when clicking ‘remove’. So when zooming back out of the timeline, it would appear that the zooming was the issue. When in fact, shotcut was performing as it should and snapping the nearest clip to the line and adjusting all the clips following it.

Thank you for your assistance.

Yes that’s one way to zoom the timeline.
You may have had the mouse held over the zoom scale adjustment, then used the scroll wheel.
shotcut_2019-01-16_04-06-06 shotcut_2019-01-16_04-06-19

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