Filters scroll bar

I have the missed answer to this somewhere but I don’t know where. I am running win10 and have downloaded latest Shotcut on both my machines. I only see 11 filters and they each have an asterisk beside them. I don’t see the other filters. I don’t see any text filter etc. There is no scroll bar on the filters list. How do see all my filters? I assume these are favorite filters.
Help please.

The square is video filters. The circle audio filters. The asterisk is favorites.


I don’t have the two icons you show in red. I have nothing but favorites showing.

Try view Restore default layout. If that doesn’t work then there’s something wrong with the installation. Try re installing.

I have two pc’s. One is a lap top and the other a desk top. same deal on both and I have reinstalled three time on the laptop.

That is most bizarre. I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe someone else will have a clue and provide some sort of answer.

Did you download the official build from here?

I did download from office site. I checked reset default view and bam I"m good.
Thanks everyone…