Filters Keyframes Type set at once for several values

Hy, there is always a lot of clicking to adjust all keyframe types one after the other, so my suggestion:

Filters Keyframes Type set at once for several values (high, wide,… rotate and so on) .

Such as: Every Keyframe Type in Filter Values set to same in one Time (as hold, linear, smooth, )

For example, if i use a filter and need for every possible Value the same Keyframe (Type) setting, at the Moment i have to klick first every first Keyframe to set (and back and back,…) . If i just could klick one time for all Keyframes are the same it would be more komfortable und save also many klicks and time…

Maybe i use Filter “Mask simply Shape” and i need every option i can set (high, wide,rotate,…) so i klick to the Keyframe Button, jump to the 1. Keyframe, then rightklick on the Keyframe, set the Type, then go back to the Filter and klick to the next value/Keyframe and jump to the Keyframe, set it, then back again, and so on.

By “mask simply shape” for example i have to klick forward, back,… and set Type for all - this make klick 15 Times for all settings :frowning:

I Think this would be a very good idea and more users will find this welcome?

In the roadmap I see a point at the bottom: facilitating functions for keyframes
I think that would make it easier?

Regards, paulshots.

This already exists when you set the first keyframe to the type you want to have.

Please excuse my English is not so good and maybe there was a misunderstanding? What I mean may be better to see in a video. There are simply a lot of steps necessary to set keyframes for every setting (from initially linear to smooth, e.g.). Sure, every subsequent keyframe is later of the same type …