Filters causing bugs after export

I have recently started using shotcut and I know how to add text and overlay pictures. In the software, it sounds and looks fine, but when i export it, there is a popping sound wherever there is an added picture, text, or zoom filter. it makes the content nearly unwatchable. does anyone know how to fix this?

Doesn’t happen here, do you have an example?

here is the video i just made where i discovered the problem. it happens most of the time there is a filter such as text or zoom.

My first instinct would be to update mb and audio drivers, especially if your system is using Realtek HD audio.

Im not sure how to do that

I checked and everything is up to date

I barely noticed these clicks and pops, but one thing I would suggest it separating and merging all the audio into a single track then editing the video independently of it. That might help. It’s possible your edits are happening where the audio signal is too far from the zero crossing and there is bad interpolation.