Filters Are Not Retained When Exporting From Playlist

I applied some filters to each item in the play list and exported each playlist item individually. When I viewed the clips in a media player after the exporting, none of the filters were there, the footage was untouched. How do I fix this without creating a separate project for each clip?

Identical filters were applied to every clip in the playlist.

Export Settings:
From: Each Playlist Item
YES Use hardware encoder

Some information is censored because I do not own the footage.

I see you said you added the filters to the playlist items and exported from " Each Playlist Item" but I could not reproduce the problem.

If you double-click the playlist items to preview them in the Source player, do you see your filters applied?

Yes, I did confirm that each playlist clip was altered by the filters. I am aware that the timeline and the playlist are not linked.

I guess one thing to try is turn off parallel processing and hardware encoder. Also, ensure you are testing the files Shotcut exported. You can double-click a successful export job to open the exported video in Shotcut.

I tried it with them both off and on and it made no difference.

Checking the exported clips shows that the filters are not retained.

:man_shrugging: works for me and not commonly reported. Make a test in a new project.

I did that with a playlist of 3 clips. The filters were retained on the first two and not the third.

I reinstalled and deleted all old files, created a new test clip, exported it as clips from the playlist, and the exact same thing happened. Filters are not retained after the first two clips.

I am having a similar issue. Some clips have the filters, some are missing them, and a few of them will start with the filters then just remove them partway through.

This only happens when exporting from “Each Playlist Item” and not from “Playlist” or “Timeline.” I’ve had this issue on multiple different projects.

This was fixed for the next version 22.01, which is currently in beta and you can try out:

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