Filters are missing

After upgrading from the 17.10 version of ShotCut to the 17.12 version (both portable, Windows 10 64-bit), I noticed a lot of my filters are missing. How do I get them back?

(These are the only filters that are available for any clip, whether it be video or audio).

Expand the list.

That doesn’t exist.

When I go back to version 17.10, that expansion of the list is available, but it is not on version 17.12.

Try the installer version.

I’m apparently having the same issue except I’m using the portable installer on Linux (shotcut-linux-x86_64-171203.tar.bz2). I couldn’t figure out how to desaturate a video clip and was about to ask how to do so when I saw this post. Bummer. I’ll check to see if that “expand” button exists in the GUI the next time I’m back working in Shotcut…

I am unable to reproduce it by putting the window and panels into various states. Provide a larger or full screen shot. The one you provided on the original post is obviously cut off.

Hey I thought I have the same issue but then I realised that filter type icons are positioned lower than before, so if you have selected popular filters (*), there is a blank space which confused us I think :slight_smile: