Filter Tab Left click nothing happens

I have just downloaded Shotcut, loaded video and image to the timeline, to add text you click the Filter Tab and press + . The problem is left click on the Filter Tab nothing happens, right click list various things.
The Filter Button just above the Timeline also does nothing.

What am I doing wrong, it looks so easy on the YouTube videos.

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Welcome to the Forum, @Pronto88

It sure does. :grin:
Some of tutorials on YouTube go too fast, or leave out details.

I’ve never used this filter before, so I tried it for the first time just now.

  1. Opened an existing project
  2. Clicked on menu-bars under Timeline, Track Operations, Add Video Track
  3. Dragged a clip from Playlist to V1 track
  4. Selected the clip on the track by clicking it
  5. Click the Filter tab
  6. Click + on the Filter window
  7. Click “Video” (Favorites,Video,Audio)
  8. Scroll down, Click Text:Simple
  9. In the box that appears now, overwrite the existing (timecode) text with my text.

…and I would not have known that filter name, except that I have been reading this Forum voraciously recently, even the posts that do not apply to what I am currently doing, and had seen others discussing recent changes to the Text filter(s).

The best way to learn Shotcut includes four prongs:

  • Doing Shotcut, experimenting
  • This Forum
  • The Tutorials here
  • Other YouTube tutorials

You need to select something first to use Filters. If you want to start with text before anything else use Open Other > Text

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Very interesting.

I can add Text:Simple to the Output; nothing appears unless at least one video track exists on the Timeline.

I can add Text:Simple to a track; nothing appears unless the Playhead is on a clip on that track.

Or I can add text to a clip that I have selected in a track.

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