Filter Shortcuts?

Dear friends. I am not sure if what I need is even possible . But here it goes. I have a footage of almost 600 clips. Somehow my camcorder records with a low volume and i am changing the volume one clip at a time using the gain and volume filter. I have tried choosing all the clips and add the filter, but it only adds it to the first clip. Is there an easy way to apply that filter to all the clips at the same time?
Thanking you in advance for all your amazing advice and help.

Click a track head (says “V1” on the far left) and add a Gain filter to it. Every clip on the track will get that amount of Gain added. If you need to mix in clips that don’t need Gain, create a separate track and don’t put a Gain filter on that one.


Oh wow. Thank you so much. You just saved me tons of time. Thanks again!

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