Filter Deckkraft (Opacity) and Keyframe


I have a question…

I have set a Keyframe for that part with Key-Type == Diskret (Discreet).
And, AFAIK, should the value “jump” at a Key-Point with that type, in my case at the start with the value of ‘0’ and for the second point with the value of ‘100’.
But it increases, like e.g. with Key-Type == Linear…
Is there something wrong?

Best regards

Both keyframes need to be discrete for a “jump”.



Both are discrete…
The first with value ‘0’, the second with value ‘100’, but it increases.

Sometimes Keyframes appears to automatically create one at the first frame, but it is not real. Maybe try recreate the first keyframe.

OS: Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
Shotcut: 20.04.12 (Portable)

Done[1]…, but still increasing instead of “jumping”.
[1] Deleted the whole Keyframe, started at the beginning of that clip, set the value to ‘0’, set to 'Discrete", set the second point (also Discrete) to ‘100’, but still increasing from point to point.
BTW: It is the first time that this happens…

Sometime the opacity filter breaks.
Try removing the filter and re-applying it.


I deleted the filter, added it again, set the Keyframe, but still increasing, instead of “jumping”.

Meanwhile I tried on another clip, but the same…

For me, I see the UI changing values between the key frames but not the opacity of the video - even after export. I just fixed this for the next version.

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