Filter bug or not

I often encounter this bug when I use a filter.
For example after having clicked several times on this filter to change its data, it no longer responds to my solicitation even if I do click on the central screen.

I haven’t experienced that myself. There might be a very specific sequence of steps to trigger the problem. Maybe you can provide more specific steps to reproduce and other people can see if it happens to them.

J’ai quelquefois rencontré ce problème qui arrive souvent lorsque l’on change l’ordre des filtres. (en faisant glisser le filtre en position 2 au dessus du filtre en position 1 par exemple)
Il suffit de sélectionner un autre clip sur la timeline puis de revenir sur le clip concerné.

I have sometimes encountered this problem which often happens when changing the order of the filters (by sliding the filter in position 2 over the filter in position 1 for example).
Simply select another clip on the timeline and then go back to that clip.

Thank you for your reply, next time it’s happen I will try your method.

Not easy to captur.
Thank you anyhow

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