File reported missing when opening old project in new Shotcut

I am using Shotcut v21.03 on Win8.1
When trying to open a project which I created a year ago (ovbiously with an earlier version), I get an error reported that the file “C:\Program Files\Shotcut\share\shotcut\qml\filters\webvfx_clip\filter-clip.html” is missing “in my project”.
It’s true, my installation doesn’t even have a folder webvfx_clip in the said location.
How can I get the project working again with my installed version of Shotcut?
Note: I can open another project created also a year ago with no problems.

WebVfx was part of the Text:HTML filter and this filter no longer exists in later versions of Shotcut.

I keep a copy of Shotcut v20.07.11 for those projects that need to use it.

Ignore it by clicking OK, find the missing filter on the clip and replace it with Crop: Rectangle. Shotcut has code to try to replace these automatically, but it looks like it might be flagging a missing file before doing so. What happens if save it with a different file name and reopen that file?

@shotcut Bingo: After dismissing the dialog with OK I found that the filter indeed got replaced by Crop: Retangle, so the replacement mechanism seems to work (and the reference to the resource at the path was gone in the newly saved *.mlt file). Just the extra message was confusing.
Thanks for the hint!

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