I just made a 2h58 video (ok it’s long!) it’s a course…
Data :
64 screenshots with OBS in 4K, MKV / H.264, AAC 48KHz 320Kb/s >> 11.1 GB
Voice off
Animation Glaxnimate
3840x2160 png pictures
*14 .mlt files
1 “master” file
Output: one 4K video, 1.44GB on 3h56min

Well, I knew Shocut was powerful (I’ve been using it for about 18 months), but then I pushed it with lots of data… No crashes, 4 days to edit.
I felt slowdowns as soon as we have a lot of cuts (some mlts exceed 500 KB), the undo is slow but works (you have to wait between 5 and 10 seconds!)
The assembly of the MLT: I waited to have the 14 MLT to open them as a clip… about 45 min to organize them in shocut! the opening of the “Master” (MLT assembles the clips) opens in 45min!
For next time, I’ll take that as a constraint.
Otherwise not too many filters only what is needed
So a very positive feedback!

Windows 10, i9, 32GB, 4GB GPU (amd), dual monitors 1800p (laptop 15") & 2160p
ssd on USBc 10Gb/s

Thanks for sharing that. Did you use proxy and/or preview scaling?

Are you saying it takes 45 minutes for Shotcut to load the master MLT project before you can start working with it?

yes I used the reduced preview (720p), not the proxy

To load the MLTs as clips (14 mlts with a total of 11.1 GB of 4K H264 videos!), then insert the 14 mlts, 45 minutes into the timeline; at each mlt you have to wait.
For such a video, before launching the export, I restarted the PC, so reopened the mlt master… 45 minutes before being able to use shotcut.

Hello, I continue my feedback.

I have just made more modest assemblies than that of my previous feedback.

videos in 1080p, 1.2GB MKV (H.264/AAC), images and animations
2 mlt (870 kb and 524 kb), one master MLT

Opening mlts as movie clips takes a long time, which I hadn’t observed on previous versions of shotcut for similar projects.
On the other hand, the rendering (export) is fast.

Have you noticed this long loading time of the clips and the opening of the master afterwards?

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