Feature suggestion : Create a wizard

I have been using shotcut for 1-2 years and the main thing i noticed is that it is extremely hard to remember all the parameters you want to change for your video .

A wizard could solve this . And i mean a one step at a time wizard . This way you would make sure you didnt forgot something and the wizard can warn you if you dont select an option it will fall in it’s default which would be “x” . The wizard should include a color option . That means a 10bit video too . ( and 12bit , also ) . I did made it with 10 bit for av1 and h265 with “pix_fmt=p010le” .

And save this wizard session as a profile .

Hence : video file format > video encoding > hardware acceleration> resolution>video bitrate> audio encoding >audio bitrate>color > color range .

Each stage could include small instructions , like color range has been selected as “x” because “…”

This way you could start a session and load your old profile and not worry if you want to add more special things like " filters " .

This wizard and profiles , of course, is an added option to today’s shotcut and not a feature which would cancel any option .

A wizard would be in a weird knowledge-related place as it usually is directed at beginners but all the options you mention are pretty advanced and unlikely for a beginner to bother with color range and different codecs. The defaults work for a very large majority of users and to be honest I expect unexperienced ones to actually mess up their file (I learned the hard way that HEVC is not installed by default on windows and costs 1$ or something so I had to re-encode and re-share a project because regular people just use the default windows media player which has limited codec suport (unlike vlc); also the convert dialog has the Good - Better - Best options and 99% people actually should press on Good but they do Best because it sounds “best” and they end up with a huge file not knowing what lossless or intermediate conversion means (even though there’s details on that window that mention the file size) for their 8mbps 1080p vfr video shot on a phone).

You can already save a custom preset for the export options and there are default ones to start from for almost all use cases.

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