Feature request - suggestion add grid to help for rotate and scale function

If possible i would like to request the following: A grid to help correctly to the rotate and scaling filter.
Reason for this request: I am mainly using Shotcut to edit holiday movies. Sometimes a shot/movie is not perfectly straight, but a bit slanted. A grid which can be switched on when needed would be very helpful in this case.

How would I use this grid?

Click this,
to toggle the grid on/off.
Use this,
to select density.

You asked for a grid. How you use it is up to you.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Also note that to the left of the grid button is a zoom button. You can use that together with the grid feature if you want to really make sure that things are aligning exactly as you want them to.

I can see it now, Thank you problem solved. Thank you

Thank you I can see it now, never notice it. Thank you so much.

Hello @Oulik,

I gues that you are german? :wink:
Feel free to enjoy my german tutorials. Maybe they’re helpful for you.

The playlist:

Actually I am living in the Netherlands now, before that I was in South Africa. But I can understand German.
Thank you for the video link. I am watching it.
I am using the English version of Shotcut

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Thank you very good tutorial

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Bedankt, ik ben blij! :smiley:

(Thank you that makes me happy!)