Feature Request: Easy Scrolling Credits

Almost every movie has scrolling credits. Sadly there is NO EASY WAY to do this in Shotcut. There are complicated workarounds. There are suggestions but no tutorials. There are outdated videos on Youtube. There are files deprecated in the latest Shotcut version which are required byYoutube video step by step instruction. Users even suggest to roll back from a current Shotcut version to an older Shotcut version just in order to make rolling credits. But after everything is said and done, there is NO EASY WAY in the latest Shotcut release to make the most elemental, basic video component: a rolling credit.

My feature request is to implement a rolling credit function where:

a. user clicks “Rolling Credits” button placed in the Main Menu, at the top, with an icon
b. user is asked to upload image file to be used for the credits (with image dimension and filetype suggestions)
c. user is prompted to input number of seconds to display credits
d. user clicks “OK”
e. Shotcut creates a separate .mp4 which user can import into the video

If you can think of an easier method, I’m all for it.

Vous n’avez pas mentionné:
L’utilisateur est invité à saisir les noms des acteurs etc…
Je suppose donc qu’ils sont sur votre image externe.
Importez cette image et faite la déplacer avec le filtre Size Position Rotation tout simplement.

You did not mention:
The user is prompted to enter the names of the actors etc…
So I guess they are on your external image.
Just import this image and move it with the Size Position Rotation filter.

Have you tried the Text: Rich filter with the the Scroll Up preset?

That’s what I tested today.
Instead of an HTML filter.
It can be done and it works. Easier and faster than in html.
But a few options are missing, for example, to insert a logo image.
Unless I can’t do it.

There are very easy ways of doing this. There just is no “easy button”.


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The Text: Rich Filter literally does all this, and it’s easy. You can even make the Star Wars rolling credits. Also easy and is not old. The video was posted in November.


The Text: Rich filter is the epitome of easy crawl screen


By image file I assume you create your credits in Photoshop, Gimp or another photo editor of that kind.

  1. User click on Open file

  2. User import credit file to the timeline

  3. User add a Size, Position & Rotate filter, enters image size in the proper boxes and sets Size Mode on Distort (you can also try Fit… but I prefer Distort).

  4. User expands the image clip to the length desired (Duration of the scroll).

  5. User use two keyframes to animate the credits
    First keyframe to position the image just bellow the bottom of the screen.
    Second keyframe (on the last frame) to position the bottom of the image just above the top of the screen.

I like your suggestion of an automatic scrolling credit tool, but until we get one, and if you’re using an image for your credit, the method I just explained might be almost as fast.

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