Faulty audio wave form == export error?


I’ve already asked because of multiple audio files, one split, one additional, but it seems, that an export error occurs in case of a faulty audio wave form.

Three pictures…


This is from my project from the scratch and with an error while export. So I started to shorten it, to find the part, where the error occurs. And I figured out, that it could be the five audio parts + transition from the split audio track (from the raw OBS captured video).


Here I have simply deleted the transitions. And with that the export works…


Now, again with transitions, but with refreshed audio wave form and of course new transitions. With that, it also works…

I had the idea with the refresh of that audio wave form, because sometimes a cut of the split audio is not correctly, but not for the video (itself).

BTW: It is hard to know when the audio wave form has finished refreshing. and sometimes there is completely no visual!
I opened the Windows Task Manager to see, when Shotcut’s CPU usage is again at zero…
And there I noticed one further thing…, the process for the audio wave form refresh does not stops automatically and is running endless(?) at ~25%. It needs a click in e.g. another part, then it takes still seconds til the process stops.

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Additional question:
Can it be that I can get the time code from the percent, where an error occurred?
Formula: Total length into seconds / 100 * percent?

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