Fast secondary re-processing without quality loss?

Hi all.

Anyone help with the best course of action here?

I created a massive project with a huge number of clips+filters, which breaks down to about 30 min run time. It took 5 hours to process, which I kind of expected, and I exported with quality at 65%. No problems there, all went fine.

However, I missed one little(but important) point in the video content wise, and I now need to re-insert a tiny, TINY clip (with few filters as well). Its only about a 5 second section of the 30min video that needs to be adjusted. The rest stays as is.

I cant see how to do that without another multi hour export via the original shotcut project.

Because, and correct me if Iā€™m wrong, if I were to edit the exported video, resulting in yet another export and new video again (kind of double processing), it would be quick, but surely the result would be degraded even further in quality. And if I compensated by changing that second export to 100% quality (lossless I presume), then surely the export time would then go through the roof, defeating the purpose.

Given I only need to edit a tiny section of an exported video, can anyone advise how I can do that without loosing quality further in a second export, and also without it taking forever? What do you all do in the same situation?

You wrote that you rendered the previous time with 65% quality. This is the optimal quality, and even if you render the same video sequence again with the same quality, you most likely will not notice the difference in image quality, unless of course you set yourself the task of checking each frame with a magnifying glass. All this is relevant if we were talking about the libx264 software codec. Hardware video card codecs can give different, unpredictable results.