Fantasie values in Size and Position

Wenn I use the current Shotcut version on my Mac OS 10.12.3 the programme always notifies me that it crashes just after I closed it and the file appears to be corrupt. When opening the mlt file, a Repair is suggested. But that seems to srew up all values in the size and position filters I use.

I get values up to 126000 while anything reasonably would 1920 or 735 or so.

Basically all work is wasted. Which is the last version running reasonably??

Best Fabian

You should be specific by checking About in the menu. v17.02 is the newest at this time.

This sounds like a problem we had in the 16.12 and 17.01 versions for people using a Region setting that uses comma for the decimal point. It should be fixed in version 17.02. However, your project files might be a little messed up from those previous versions now. I set my macOS to use German language and just now tested v17.02 again by making a new project including the Size and Position filter. I did not experience a problem. However, when I used v17.01 to open the project, it offered to repair it, which I did, and then I reproduced your problem. Opening the repaired with v17.02, it again offered to repair, which I did again, and the problem was corrected.

If you really think v17.02 has a problem, then try creating a new project with it with the filter, save it and re-open it. Does it still offer to repair? Did the problem appear again? If so, specify the Region and numeric settings you use.

Right you are!

Its is Shotcut Version 17.02.05 downloaded yesterday night, via your webpage.

MacOS is 10.12.3 which I run in German, usually.

I had a problem with Comma/Dot, but that was in the Slow Motion settings, where you put in comma number. And yes we finally figured out that is a Language setting problem and you fixed it. Size and Position isnt using commas, plain natural numbers…

Let me try your workaround… Or can I fix it in the mlt file with TextWrangler allowing to work on the xml code?

Best Fabian

I created a mlt file from scratch, basically redoing the whole project. The programme still crashes when quiting (thats what the MacOS tells me) , but size and position seem to stay correct… Appears some kind of version problem then?
Best Fabian

Read through this Decimal divider localization issue might help understand the problem with decimal dividers. However, we have a new version since then, so it might not entirely apply any more.