Failure to Open Project Mac OS

Hey guys,

I was working on my project, reached a stopping point, saved it, and quit the program.

When I relaunched Shotcut, it started with no issue, but when I tried to open the project I was working on, it failed to do so. I located the .mlt file in Finder and tried to launch it that way, but it also failed. I’m not sure if the file is corrupt or what is going on.

Obviously, the project means a lot to me, would love some help! I saw in one forum for Windows that you’d be able to look at the file if I attached it. If anyone wants to take a look at it, let me know!

Thank you, seriously.

Sure upload it

Incendiary (More & Not To Love).mlt (180 KB)

Unfortunately, this file is truncated (cut short) and cannot be recovered (lost information). Maybe Shotcut crashed in the middle of saving it. I see it was written by version 19.01.27 of Shotcut, which is over a year old. Since then, I have added a safer save function that first writes to a temporary file, verifies the file is valid, and if so moves or overwrites the file at the intended folder and name. You should upgrade to avoid this and other bugs.

Here is what I can do with this file. I can convert what is saved into a Playlist project. Then, you can open and add the clips with their filters to a new timeline, but there will be some missing clips obviously.

Here it is. 117 clips in the Playlist

Incendiary (More & Not To Love).mlt (183.8 KB)

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Okay, I see. Thank you for taking a look at it, I really appreciate it! That is kind of strange as I feel like I’ve updated it sooner than a year ago, but I’ll go ahead and update my program. I really appreciate you!

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