"Failed to Open" IS BACK?!

Welp, looks like this bug has returned.
I spent about 40 hours editing my project, and now it just says “failed to open (my project name here)” every time. I’ve opened this project 1000+ times in the past, and nothing has changed. This is pretty aggravating.
I have a super good PC, that’s not the issue.

Shotcut version?

Clearly something has changed. Determining what that is requires more information.
Can you post your .mlt file?

It doesn’t appear you posted this issue before.
If you would like help, more information would be useful as @Steve_Ledger posts about.

Found a post on how someone solved it on their own.

Hope you will fix it, but my tips on big project :

  • You can prepare it in 2-3 or 10 mtl separated pieces and join it at the end with open mlt as a clip and join it together
  • When I do some heavy work on it ( or maybe every 1 hour of work), i make a copy of the mlt file.

Will be complicated to find the error in a massive mlt file… Good luck