Failed in opening files on Mac

Mac on Apple’s M1 Silicon Processor

Version : 22.12.21 ARM64 macOS

Problem : Failed to open files on mac.
Description :
I saved file name as “Delivery or Intraday? Which is best for you? Meaning | Features | Difference and comparison.mlt” while saving the project.
It created the folder with same name and saved this project file in it.

When I open this project file, shotcut app is opening but failed to open this file.

I watched this video to resolve this issue on a temporary basis.

(This video used for .mp4 file. But applicable for .mlt file as well.)

I did following things.

  1. Renamed folder name to Project
  2. Renamed file name to Project.mlt

Then the file started opening.

Bug : Folder/File having blankspaces is not getting accepted.

Please solve this issue permanently by accepting whitespaces between folder/file name.

What happens if the same filename is used but without the question marks? I would guess the question marks are a bigger problem than spaces, since those are reserved characters by the OS and used for wildcard matching.

But the user do not have this knowledge. He thought that his project file gets corrupt.

You can make this special class that should allow question marks and other characters as well.

(If it is possible.)

Please keep user’s knowledge level. Most users are not techie.

Either you should allow opening files or simply do not allow user while saving the project/file.

I checked by keeping spaces but by removing question marks.

The project/file is opening up.

But the bug still pointing with “Why not with question marks?”

Please keep normal user in mind while developing it. As normal people think that,

If question marks are accepting while saving the project, then it should not give problem while opening as well.

Please allow all those characters which may create issue.

Vaibhav Dhotre