Fail to open via drag&drop if path contains percentage sign (%)

Windows 10 x64, Shotcut 21.12.24, 22.03.06

One of my video folders contains the “100%” string in it and any file inside fails to load if dragging and droping anywhere on UI (timeline, playlist, source). Going through File-Open dialog works correctly.
The error message shown seems to eat some characters after it, I assume it’s treated as some special character and tries to process stuff after it. Is this a known issue and % is not supported?

actual path is:
"D:\test%test\GX018932 - ajuns sus ceata .MP4"

Able to duplicate.


the “%” char as a speciel meaning in some programing languages in strings, so QT the UI framework that shotcut uses, might not like it, the simple solution is to rename your files/folders and don’t use % in file/pathnames

Yep, that’s what I did. But if this was on a device with read only access it would be a lot of pain to load files. Hopefully there’s probably a way to escape these % or treat the incoming string as raw/unprocessed.

This was fixed in version 22.09

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