Fading Away (Music video)

And here is my second project. From the technical standpoint it’s much more complex than the last one and it brought my machine to its limits, from the artistic one I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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I like the song. Is that one of your compositions ?

I see what you mean by much more complex. Lots of different frames (or windows ?) in that video. Would have given headaches to my machine as well :smiley:

Technically, the only problem I see is that some of the windows are not perfectly synchronized with the audio. Not by much, but enough to be noticeable.

By the way, synchronisation is more accurate if you set your project at a high frame rate. Within one second, at 60 fps you have a lot more “spots” to position a clip than at 25 fps.

Glad you like it and thanks for the tip.

Keep in mind I had to do the video in playback and it turned out to be quite obvious especially for the singing parts.

It’s not one of my songs (if you are curious there are some on my channel), it’s from Chris Wilson.

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