Fade Out Video/Audio cuts of audio/ video

in the latest version of shotcut at the time i am typing this adding fade out video and/or audio will remove the audio(fade out audio) and/or video(fade out video) not sure what triggers it but i think it happens when i split the video in the track. the version of shotcut this is happening on is: Shotcut version 18.05.08

To make sure I understand what you’re saying…

Adding Fade Out Video and/or Fade Out Audio filters removes existing Fade Out Audio and/or Fade Out Video filters.

Is this correct? If it is, I have not experienced this. How exactly are you adding the filters? Are you adding them to clips, tracks, or to the master?

no, let me explain what happened. i added 3 videos to the track my intro, gameplay & outro, i then added Fade Out Video and/or Fade Out Audio to the gameplay everything was fine, but then when i split before and after a certain part of the video(gameplay), the rest of the video after the split looses it’s sound ( if i added Fade Out Audio ) and becomes a completely black video( if i added Fade Out Video
It only seems to happen when i split the video on the track.