"Fade Out" doesn't fade volume to silence

Hello. I am learning Shotcut version 17.05.03.

I am applying the “Fade Out” filter to a music clip, but I can’t get it to work correctly.

In other video-editing software, I could completely fade out to silence. But with Shotcut’s filter, the music still ends abruptly. Although I do hear a slight decrease in volume and I can extend the duration of the filter, it’s just not enough to fade all the way out.

Am I doing this wrong? How can I fade to complete silence?


Try using the throbber rather than the filter.

I thought the filter would be more consistent.

Side note : yesterday, with the throbber, I had an issue : after export, at the end of the fade out “zone”, there is a tiny moment where the image appears again.
Don’t know why… I tried to check the “adjust opacity” box but still the same…
Did some had it too?

I’ve had this effect when I use SPlayer app, but if I use VLC or KMplayer it doesn’t happen.