Fade in - utter brain fade

The question is very simple. I get uneven results using the fade-in filter. Sometimes it shows up at the front of the desired clip, sometimes it doesn’t, I can’t change the time to complete the fade in, ever, and once present I can’t remove or alter it.

After doing three projects with Shotcut, I wandered off to other demands. I just came back to work on a new YouTube project and my brains seem to have turned to mush. I went through the “official” tutorials and, strangely, there doesn’t seem to be much about the fine art of applying filters.

Obviously I’m starting at the front of the clip in the timeline. I’m not looking for a cross-fade transition. What am I doing so wrong??

try removing and adding a few times and it will stick eventually

Er… removing and adding my brain? Hasn’t worked to date. :slight_smile:

When I want an exact video fade duration, here’s how I do it in W10 Pro using the most recent SC.

Drop clip into timeline
Select clip
Choose Filters and add the Fade in video.
In the duration field I manually adjust the time.

To remove it, I select the clip and delete the Fade In Video Filter from the list (of applied filters)

(This isn’t the same method I use to fade in or out video AND audio in sync however)

The light finally went on. Fades are filters that kick in at the front or back of clip as appropriate. That’s the good news.

The bad news is Shotcut has become unstable in 17.02.5. Apply a fade and Shotcut vanishes and Win 10 claims it’s going to look for an explantion (ha!). Even if adding a filter doesn’t do, it stops responding to the JKL and HOME/END keys and the fails. There’s enough functionality to allow a save, but soon after Shotcut just isn’t usable, even if it’s not an outright crash.

On top of that, the fade filters don’t respond to changing the duration parameter. About the only thing that seems to work is set the duration, set it as the default, remove the filter, and add it again. Even that isn’t 100% foolproof. [/head scratch]

No problems here.
Check your PC for malware?
Reinstall ShotCut?

I’ll try nuking Shotcut (uninstall, clear out registry, all files) and reinstalling. Malware blocking and checks are both real-time and daily from multiple programs.