Fade in / out and cross fade features

Hello again,

Mike here yet again… I know, I ask a lot of questions. But this is the last one for today I promise :slight_smile: . I was looking at your tutorial for transitions, and I realize that you can create a cross fade by dragging a video over another one, but at the time you created that tutorial you said you can’t shorten or lengthen the cross fade from both sides simultaneously YET. I was wondering if this feature has already come out or if it’s in the pipeline.


It is not available, and there are no near term plans to add it. However, I cannot predict if someone decides to contribute it tomorrow (low chance - we do not get much contribution).

Ok thanks for the input, I just saw on your pipeline that there are plans to “make it easy to add .5 to 1 second fade-in, face-off, and transitions via the timeline” is that still far off? (Sorry about all the questions - I’m just very interested in this software)

That would be a very, very useful feature. Is anyone at Shotcut listening?

This is a 2 year old thread.
Did you not read the last post before you posted?

See the Shotcut Roadmap here to keep up to date on feature plans.
â–ş https://www.shotcut.org/roadmap/

"Did you not read the last post before you posted?"
Why yes, I did. And since there does not seem to be any such feature, and since, as you pointed out, someone was asking for such a feature two years ago, it seemed that a reminder might be in order.
What’s your point?