Fade in/Fade out only for a specific filter not the whole video!

Hello guys, this is my first post. I’m fairly new to Shotcut and am currently editing a video. My big problem is that I can’t add a fade in/out to a specific filter. It’s about audio visualization. Everytime i try to add the Spectrum it pops straight in and I would have to fade the whole video which I don’t really want (because its faded already)

Can someone help me out?

Put your audio on a separate track. You may have to split the audio from the video in your clip. Then, apply the visualization filter to the clip with the audio. Now you can add a fade filter to the audio clip and it will not affect your other video.

Okay so i did split the audio from my video (detached it) but when i now apply the visualization filter it wont show up? Do i miss something?

I actually first rendered the finished video without the audio visualization, because i saw people had the same problem with it because it doesnt show the filter when the audio is split from the vid

After you detached the audio, don’t leave the audio clip on the audio track. Transfer it to a video track above the rest of your project. Then apply the visualization filter as explained by @brian

It doesnt work tho? I detached the audio from the video, added the visualization filter, also added the fade filter. Now i transfered the audio to the video again like you said and now i only see the audio visualization, but my video is pitch black.

Create a video track ABOVE your video, and then transfer the audio clip to that new track.

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omg it actually worked…im kinda confused about that. so if you want a separate fade, you put everything up after you split the audio? So basically for the visualization of the audio, u add it to the audio and then slide everything to a new track like you did

Well it worked for sure now, thank you very much!

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