Fade in after transition incorrect

Hello, I’m new and enthusiast user after testing your video editor. I’m not English native and sorry if I always not totally clear. Don’t hesitate to ask me to repeat in this case.

The thing I found, when we create a overlap transition between two parts Shotcut finally create 3 parts. If we add a fade in to the third part, the fade in apply to second part instead of the third part. Acting like they are not separated despite we can select them separately.

In the image here we can see the ahead problem between the top and bottom timeline, they are not sync with the fade in I selected for the third part.



Hi @Azertip
Sorry. but your description isn’t very clear. From your screenshot, it looks like your native language is French. I speak French too. Maybe if you explain in this language I’ll be able to understand your problem.

Salut @Azertip
Désolé, mais votre description n’est pas très claire. Vous êtes français je crois? Je parle français aussi. Il serait peut-être préférable d’utiliser cette langue pour expliquer votre problème.

This is not a valid bug report. The subject line is useless and you did not specify your operating system, Shotcut version or the steps as we requested in the bug report template you get when you select the bug category. In any case, I did not reproduce it. Here is how it looks for me:

Ha can’t reproduce now, it work like your screen. 22.04.25 windows 10.

Thanks, if you find the steps - possibly something after undo and redo - please let us know and update this.

If you apply a Fade In Video or Fade In Audio filter through the filters dock, the keyframes dock will look like what @Azertip posted in the first post:

If you apply both filters at the same time by double-clicking the upper-left handle of the clip, the keyframes dock will look like what @shotcut posted in the third post:

Fading starts at the in position of the transition in the first case, and it starts at the in position of the #FFFF00 clip in the second case.

The simple keyframe is not activated in the first case with the Fade In Video filter, but click something else in the timeline and click back to the #FFFF00 clip to see it activated.