Exporting video and audio slow right down?

New to shotcuts, I’ve opened an mp4 video and I’m trying to export it into a different file, everything I’ve tried slows the video and audio, I Can’t figure out why? I’ve watched a few tutorials and copied their settings but it doesn’t help, still slooow. Help please…

How can we help when you have not told us the Shotcut version you are using, the OS you have installed to or anything else about the computer or the source video.
You haven’t told us about your Shotcut settings, filters you might have used or your export settings. “Different file” could mean anything.
Help us help you.

Hi Steve thanks for the reply, I’m using the latest 18.01 version. 32 bit windows 7 OS. Computer is an older i7 first gen 8 gigs of ram.

The settings for exporting are confusing having like 50 different versions, but I clicked on about 8 all with the same result. Video and audio is I half speed from the original.

I’m using a mp4 file and exporting into anything but. I’ve tried mpeg, avi, and a bunch of others. The issue remains the same, slow video and audio.


Hi Mike,
It always amazes me how such a simple little video editor can cause some folks so much pain.

These are the steps I frequently use - try them and see how things turn out:

[1] Settings>Video mode>Automatic
[2] Settings>Display method>Automatic
[3] Settings>GPU Processing disabled

Close Shotcut then relaunch it.

Drag’n’drop your file into Shotcut’s preview window.
Shotcut will open the file and set the project environment to that file.
(If you have more than one file, drag them into the playlist window)
Add the file/s to the timeline and perform your edits. (Press Ctrl+S each time you perform a major edit and give it a meaningful name. This is your safety parachute.)

When you are ready to export and assuming you have no custom presets, chose one of these;
H.264 B/H/M

Make no other export changes.
Don’t touch the format dropdown menu (unless it’s not set to mp4) and don’t mess with the Video/Codec/Audio/Other tabs.
K.I.S.S. :smiley:

Press ‘Export File’ and give it a name with an extension (eg: myclip.mp4)

Wait until the job finishes.
Play your file with various players (I use POTPlayer as my default, but also test in VLC, Splayer and WMP).

Report back.

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