Exporting to WAV sometimes fast, sometimes very slow

Frustrating problem! I edit the video of my church’s sermons every Sunday to be posted on Youtube. In the process, I usually export the audio to WAV for external processing before importing it back into Shotcut. Normally, a ~30-35 minute recording exports to WAV in just a couple minutes, but sometimes, like today, it takes over an hour. I’m using the same settings: Presets > audio > WAV, then Export. No filters.

Shotcut version 23.09.29; Intel quad-core Core i7 (10th Gen.) PC, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD with about 25% free space.

Any ideas about how to fix this would be appreciated!

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Hi, I open our mkv recordings in Audacity, 1.5hr recording imports in about 45 seconds. Can then process and export wav file or whatever before uploading back to shotcut as audio track.

Thanks. My raw video files are in .m2ts format (Sony camcorder), which Audacity can’t open.

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