Exporting to GIF is huge and messes up colors


I tried to use shotcut to export a video to GIF. Even at 10 FPS, 800x450 pixels, and ~12 seconds - it took 35 megabytes.

When I used this online converter: https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-gif it created a higher FPS GIF and only took 6-7 MB.

Also, Shotcut seemed to mess up my colors, and very dark gray (almost black) became bluish.

Any ideas? Attached a screenshot of my settings.


Exporting to GIF was removed from Shotcut some time ago due to problems. (Though rumour has it that it may return some day)
You must be using an old or non-official version?

Hmm, I installed a few months ago and didn’t update since. Says “Qt version 5.6.1”.
So guess the GIF export is a no go and I’ll have to search for an alternative method to convert it?

18.03 (March) is the most recent release.

For gif export you will need to look elsewhere currently. But keep checking for it’s return :slight_smile:

Kdenlive does GIF exports. If you use Windows download version 17.04.3.


The later versions have some playback bugs.

Here is a interesting article. Animated GIF Ultimate Guide – How To Create Smallest GIF File Size

@tomerbarkan GIF animation is back.