Exporting in lossless creates smaller files than in default


I searched on the forum and I think that this question hasn’t been asked.

When I export in lossless H.264 presets, the output file is almost half the size (approx, 60%) when it is when I use “youtube” or “default” presets. Is that normal? For the lossless H.264 of course the quality is 100% and I don’t touch that.

Should I use the lossless and do not worry about it, or there is a bug and it’s better to go for defatults or YouTube settings?

I’m rendering semi long videos in 4K@30fps and at default my video is 10 GB. Would be great if it was 6 GB with (better? the same?) quality.

No, that is not normal, and I did not reproduce it in a simple test (78MB for Default vs. 1.1GB for lossless H.264). Default uses a long GOP, and YouTube and lossless use a short GOP. I doubt there is a bug in your case, but you might be getting different results due to using the hardware encoder. Quality level is dependent upon the codec implementation, and 50% x264 is different than 50% with the hardware encoder or x265. Also, no hardware encoder supports lossless, and if you choose that combination you are probably getting some hardware encoder default quality level instead of lossless.

Thanks! I understand well what you’re saying. But to be sure I made some tests. I didn’t expect the result as below. I thought it would be really huge file without hardware encoder on lossless h.264 presets.

4K@30fps, video 23 s long

lossless, no hardware encoder - 87 MB
YouTube, no hardware encoder - 99 MB
YouTube, hardware encoder enabled - 178 MB

That’s really odd. In addition, I would like to say that when I use default or YouTube presets, and I play with the quality 55-65%, the size varies a lot also when the hardware encoder is enabled. But that I think is normal, correct?


In addition I would like to ask if this is normal size (approximately) for the 180 MB for 4K@30fps, video 23 s long video? What od you think?

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