Exporting Error after 100% done

I keep trying to export a video to mp4 but once it has fully finished exporting to 100% it says there is something wrong and I have no idea what it could be.

I read that disabling parallel processing and even adding another video track that’s empty works for some people but it didnt work for me.

It had 3 video tracks and 2 audio tracks and thought that might have been to many so I scaled it down to 2 video tracks and one audio track but that didnt help either. The video is also quite long and uses a lot of filters and sped up clips but this hasnt been a problem for me before.

Did you try to play the exported file? You should and also open it in Shotcut and choose Properties > menu > Start Integrity Check Job. Sometimes the background export program crashes when it is closing and trying to release things like file handles and memory. It is not really necessary for it; the operating system will take care of whatever it fails to do. And while I have relaxed this cleanup; there are some things in the many layers of code that are hard to remove because they do not know if something is being removed because it is simply no longer needed or the process is ending. Therefore, often a crash at the end is not actually a problem.

Yes I tried playing the file but it doesn’t work with any player nor does it open in shotcut so I cant try the integrity check job with it. Shotcut also doesnt crash once the export is done. There is just a cross instead of a tick, but shotcut stays open and still functions

Would running the integrity check of all video and audio files before the export do anything?

I would not expect that to make a difference.

Right click on the export job and choose “View Log”. Paste the log here for use to view. Maybe we will see a hint in the log.

error.zip (756.5 KB)

Here’s the log. Sorry its so long

From the log

Failed with exit code -1073741819

Now, search here for “1073741819”:

Good luck.

The two most common causes for this error are running out of memory or a corruption of some part of your project.

To check the memory, use the task manager to monitor memory usage during the export.

If your computer is not running out of memory, there may be something in your project causing the failure.

Consider these steps:

  1. Observe the % complete of the export when the failure occurs.
  2. Create a copy of your project using File->Save As and make a new name.
  3. Open the new file and remove one item at a time until the export succeeds. Maybe there is a filter applied around the point of the project where the export fails - start by removing something that is around the failure point.
  4. Continue to remove things one at a time until an export succeeds.
  5. Finally return to the original project file and remove just that one thing and recreate it.

Do not remove items from your original project. Only do this experiment on your copy of the project.

Thx for the all the replies!! I managed to get it to work by exporting it in smaller chunks at a time

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