Exporting CPU load 40% GPU 12%

I’m new to Shotcut. Running v21.01.29 on Win10.
I’m editing 720x576 25fps .ts files. Basic cutting & trimming and exporting.
I have Xeon E5-2620 v2 (6 physical cores), 24GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro M6000 GPU.
When exporting to H.264 High profile with hardware encoding & parallel processing enabled I get about 40% CPU loading and 12% GPU video encode loading. RAM usage ~25%. My source files are on a spinning disk but disk loading (in windows task manager) seems almost non-existent. I tried setting my export destination to SSD but that made almost no difference in total processing time.

I’d appreciate any suggestions on how I could reduce my exporting time. It seems like my hardware could do more but I can’t see where the bottleneck is.

what’s your actual export time? I take it this is PAL video off of a dvd? 40% load doesn’t sound abnormal considering the resolution the low gpu encode could be being held back on the cpu side, the 2620 isn’t a very high clocked chip and keeping gpu’s fed tends to want more clock than additional cores

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Thanks for your reply. SD TV recording. It take your point re clock, CPU is 2620v3, base clock 2.4Ghz. Theoretically can boost to 3.2 but currently running at 2.7.
Might I be better off disabling GPU and just going with parallel CPU processing?
I’ve been testing 15 minutes sample files. Taking ~01m30s to encode.
Full 2h30m file took 15m38s.

See the FAQ here for more info on GPU ad multi-core usage:


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