Exporting a square video: very frustrating

I was using shotcut to make a square gif image to be used as a profile picture for another application.
The image imported measures 128x128 and I added some filters to it, blah blah blah, I’m ready export as a gif, here’s the interesting part.
When shotcut renders my video in the timeline, it shows some black bars on both sides, which I assume are just because the square video can’t fit in a rectangular frame without distortion (Which I did not want).
The black bars seemed natural to me, so I ignored them, and tried to export after setting 30fps and a 512x512 resolution; however, when I looked at the video I had just made, the black bars were showing, and when I tried to import it to my application, the application shrunk my actual video down to show the black bars…setting “Fill” in “Size and Position” did not help. I would appreciate your time!

128px explorer_2018-10-25_18-19-15

Set your Video Mode before you start your project.
Setting/Video Mode/Custom/Add
128x128, Aspect ration: 1:1 (sorry, the mouse got in the way of the screen capture)

Export window.


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